9 March 2020

when and how to get a table

«roots» is open from tuesday to saturday from 6:30 pm to midnight.

you can reserve your table by email, telephone or using our online form. please let us know if you have any allergies or intolerances.

if you would like to make a reservation for a larger group (six people or more) or for a private function, please contact us by email ([email protected]). we love our menus to be a surprise, but if you would prefer, we will gladly discuss the menu with you in advance.

vouchers can be ordered by email or telephone and we will either hold them for you here or send them to you. we will enclose the invoice. the voucher becomes valid as soon as we receive full payment.

4 March 2020

at «roots» you can always taste what season it is

whether you are having six, seven or all ten courses: each course takes its inspiration from the current season and is freshly prepared for you using predominantly regional, hand-selected ingredients. the menu has a selection of matching wines, from (modern) classics to newcomers. the relaxed atmosphere is at the heart of the fine dining experience at «roots». formality is old news – here, you can feel as comfortable as in your own living room.