1 July 2020

opening hours in july

due to summer holidays and the – for the most part – continuous conversion of home-office, we decided to open in july only in the evenings from thursday to saturday.

5 May 2020

the waiting is over

after the relief of learning that we could reopen from may 11, it once again felt like an eternity of waiting to find out what provisions were going to be put in place to protect the industry, so we could figure out how many tables and guests we will be allowed to serve.

the waiting has come to an end, and we are pleased to inform you in the following about when we will be open for business again, our ‘rootilicious box (in a bag)’, as well as other news!

29 April 2020

date of re-opening still ambiguous

with great pleasure we heard that the authorities announced that restaurants are allowed to re-open as of 11 may 2020.

not earlier than next week (midweek) we are promised to get the precise „industry-saftey-guidelines“. as soon as we get these decision-making criteria, we will be able to inform you, by when and how we will re-open.